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11. Plugin base functions UserList data injection

To inject user defined User List policies database into the UserList API when testing outside the SPS box.

Patch/overwrite the safeguard.sessions.plugin_impl.user_list.user_lists with your own database. The user_lists is a dictionary where the key is the name of the User List policy to define, and the value is itself a dictionary with keys “allow” and “except” that define the default mode and exceptions for the User List - like on the Web interface. Example usage with pytest and monkeypatch

from safeguard.sessions.plugin import UserList
from safeguard.sessions.plugin import PluginConfiguration as PluginConfig
from safeguard.sessions.plugin_impl.user_list import user_lists

def test_user_list(monkeypatch):
    # Data injection
    testdb = {
        "allow": "no_user", "except": ["user1"]
    monkeypatch.setitem(user_lists, 'user_whitelist', testdb)

    # Test the injected data
    pc = PluginConfig('''

    ul = UserList.from_config(pc)

    assert ul.check_user('user1') is True
    assert ul.check_user('other_user') is False