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1. History of releases

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3. Introduction

2. Changelog

2.1. Changes in version 1.3.0

Fix issue with BoxConfiguration overhead vs. HTTPS proxy settings.

Add get_ca_certificates function to PluginConfiguration to have means to configure CA certificate chains.

Add RequestsTLS class, which can instantiate Session objects from the requests library, preconfigured with TLS settings.

2.2. Changes in version 1.2.1

Fix issue in testing plugins outside SPS.

2.3. Changes in version 1.2.0

Make it possible to configure SSH private key directly in plugin configuration, instead of via credential store - strictly for testing purposes.

Add version-sdk and version-sps task to pluginv script to generate version information for plugin release.

Add CredentialStorePlugin base class for credential store plugins.

2.4. Changes in version 1.1.4

Fix plugin distribution build on systems where Python2 is the default.

2.5. Changes in version 1.1.3

Add pluginv script to the Plugin SDK for supporting design and build tasks.

2.6. Changes in version 1.1.2

Initial release.